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Coach Others in Job Skills

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Case study one:
Michael has been with Hotel Bayside for 6 months as a concierge, he has excellent communication skills with the customers, he presents himself in a professional manner at all times and shows initiative outside his job description. One of the Reception staff members is leaving to travel overseas leaving a position vacant on the front desk, Michael has expressed an interest in learning new skills, is there an opportunity for both the business and the employee to benefit here? How might coaching come into play? How would you go about training Michael to become a front of house employee?

As Michael has all ready been working at Bayside hotel for the last six months as concierge this shows that he would have most likely all ready learnt a lot of skills while being at Bayside as this job is big in itself as they look after all the guests in the hotel with their restaurant bookings, shows and anything else that is on offer. Concierge is all ready really a part of the reception it is just really a different area of stuff that is being looked after as it is very important as the concierge looks after a lot the big stuff as I mentioned as they are nearly as important as the rest of the reception members. With Michael becoming into reception Bayside and Michael can both benefit from this as Michael will be learning even more new skills. And Bayside will have a person that is experienced in more than one area of front of house which is a real benefit so that he can fill in for concierge still or vice versa if a person could not make the shift or something. One of the best ways to train a person in a new field is to have them watch and observe for a little while on what is ment to be done after you have explained everything and then let Michael take over and just…...

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