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Managing Business



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Coach Inc.


29/01/2016 (FT)
03/02/2016 (PT)

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Jasper Tham

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Time and Place: Turnitin no later than 23:55 on the above date.

Module learning outcomes being assessed
LO1. Explain and assess the nature of the changing business environments.
LO2. Propose, evaluate and communicate strategic options available to an organisation.

Assignment Information
This individual assignment requires you to write a 2500 word original assignment answering the following question/s:
Consider the case of Coach Inc. in regards to its business strategy in the luxury goods market. Coach Inc. case is a popularity brand among young adult women. Industry statistics presented in the case indicated that young professionals are among the most frequent purchasers of “accessible luxury” goods such as Coach handbags.
The case contains ample information for conducting an industry analysis and company situation analysis. You will be able to conduct an industry analysis (dominant economic characteristics, driving forces, five competitive forces and key success factors) and use the tools for company situation analysis (assessment of how well Coach’s strategy is working and SWOT analysis).
The information in the case is to help you to understand or to analyse so as you can recommend the business positioning (after analyzing competitive positions and its financial and market performance).

Questions on Coach Inc
Coach Inc. in 2012: Its strategy in the “Accessible” Luxury Goods Market
1. What are the defining characteristics of the luxury goods industry? What is the industry like?
2. What is...

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