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coal qualiTy conTrol


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Daniel Mahr, P of US baSeD .e energy aSSociateS, P gives us .c, an in depTh look aT The major issues relaTing To coal qualiTy from The perspecTive of Thermal power generaTion.

service, and reduced impacts. Different energy conversion technologies have their applications, but no single option does it all. Wind, solar, and hydro options don’t use any fuel, so shouldn’t we just rely on these technologies? Wind power is best sited where the duration/velocity makes sense, away from migration pathways, and away from neighbours who would object to noise and fluttering shadows. It will likely require 100 per cent back-up or additional energy storage systems, and new longer transmission lines to load centres are often required. There are similar requirements for solar power, just substitute lumens for velocity. With hydro power, there are concerns for fish migration/ spawning, land use, geological concerns for


he power industry is confronting challenges with seemingly conflicting goals – affordable rates, dependable

Industrial Fuels and Power l


‘‘As power plants face a growing need to reduce costs and environmental impacts, coal quality is increasingly an issue of interest, as a means to do more with less..‘‘

supporting the weight of a new lake, stability concerns for newly saturated perimeter hills that can result in landslides, and the impact of a drought on production. Its the delivered cost on your utility bill that counts; the capital cost of the plant itself is only a single component. Large, central power plants provide the reliability and flexibility utilities require for baseload, cycling, and on-demand situations. They can be strategically located near load centres or along transmission corridors and provide the economy of scale needed to minimize the cost of…...

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