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Wal-Mart prides itself on delivering a quality product and making prices affordable for everyone. There are many items for purchase in the store but they have made it their business to build a name around products that people truly put a value on. For many great electronic products such as a TV, computer, or the latest game box system are products they cannot live without. The second major product as of late is Wal-Mart’s meats. They have chosen to push their focus on marketing an A+ premium steak that is comparable to fresh cut butcher’s steaks. The decision making criteria that goes into selecting these products as running mates are consumer behavior and needs recognition.
Consumer Behavior
Consumer behavior can be defined as the process and activities people engage in when searching for, selecting, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services so as to satisfy their needs and desires ("Consumer Behaviour and Target Audience Decisions", n.d.). Wal-Mart is able to showcase these behaviors in their commercials quite well with unknowing consumers happily showing their pleasure of tasting what they believe is another companies’ steak. When the consumer finds out they are eating a Wal-Mart steak they are surprised and state” they would buy the steak the next time they are in the store”. This statements and visual notice is then transferred to soon to be customers who are impressed with what they are watching on TV, this is excellent marketing at its finest. This process is also described as consumer learning. Consumer learning is the process by which individuals acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge and experience they apply to future related behavior ("Consumer Behaviour and Target Audience Decisions", n.d.).” Wal-Mart is able to utilize the consumer decision making model to enhance other products visual aspect and control buyer...

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