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Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel
(1883 – 1971)

Gabriella Chanel or Coco as she known for hundred million people around the world was came from nothing. She born on August 20, 1883 in a poorhouse in Saumur, France. The poorhouse employees misspelled her name so they recorded it with an "s" making it Chasnel, this misspelling made the tracing of her roots almost impossible for biographers when Chanel later became famous.

She was illegitimate daughter of traveler market trader Albert Chanel. Her mother Jeanne Devolle died when she was twelve and her father disappeared. She and her two sisters were brought up to nuns' orphanage at Aubazine, and her brother were placed in a farm household to become unpaid child labor. Gabriella lived a rough childhood that lead her to made up things that does not exist. She reinvented her childhood claimed she was an only child even though her mother gave birth to four more children, she describe nasty aunt who pulled her ears and humiliated her. Chanel never spoke about her life at Aubazine. And after she became rich she paid off her brother to pretend they didn't exist.

When she turned twenty Gabriella worked in a small boutique named The House of Grampayne, the summer she turned twenty-one she worked as a singer in famous opera house called La Rotonde. One of the songs Chanel sang was about a lady who lost her dog named "Coco", the nickname "Coco" had been given to her by her audience for her songs “Ko Ko Ri Ko”. While she was working in the opera house she meet Etienne Balsan a French rich man. Coco lived a luxurious life with him as mistress and while living with Balsan, Chanel began designing hats as a hobby, which soon became a deeper interest of hers. After that Coco moved to Paris and opened up a small boutique and sold a…...