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Code of Ethics Compare/Contrast

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Code of Ethics Compare & Contras
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Code of Ethics Compare & Contrast
The three codes of ethics that I chose to compare and contrast are those of the American Health Care Association (AHCA), the Health Information Professionals (HIP), and the American Nurses Association (ANA). Each one of these organizations have areas that are very similar to each other, as well as areas that are completely different. This paper points out the most common ethical codes which are practiced by each of the three establishments while on the same hand showing how vastly different they are.
American Health Care Association
The first code of ethics is from the American Health Care Association, or AHCA for short. What I found interesting about this particular code of ethics was that it seemed to be right down the middle compared to the other two. The ethics of the AHCA seem to be greatly centered on long term care for those in the community who need it and the standards of which they are upheld to. There is also more emphasis on self-accountability and just being a good person by doing what is right. The AHCA also considers itself as a model for other healthcare organizations when it comes to establishing the moral guidelines for employers as well as employees to follow. Patient advocacy and the strength of the relationship with the community are repeatedly emphasized in these ethics codes, which suggests that above all, healthcare providers should put the needs of those in their above their own.
American Nurses Association The next code of ethics that I chose to compare is from the American Nurses Association. These codes seem to be built around competency for the most part because it’s mentioned more than once. I can understand this being made important when it comes to the person who is basically in charge of a patients most basic healthcare...

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