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St. Jude’s Code of Ethics
The founder, Danny Thomas, was the individual who had first opened the doors to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 1962. His intentions were to clear the way as a non-profit hospital, which had a goal of finding cures for adolescents “with cancer and other fatal diseases through research and treatment” (2013, para. 1). From there they had started working to provide treatment to adolescents from all 50 states, as well as children from around the world. In addition to the incredible treatments they provide to their patients, St. Jude is special because the children and their families receiving care from St. Jude pay for nothing. In addition to administering remarkable care to their patients, St. Jude is also one of the leaders in research for childhood cancers and other fatal diseases.
Goals, Principles, Role, and Importance of Ethical Values
The main goal for their organization is globalizing medical care and prevention of fatal diseases in adolescents. Ultimately, they will persevere this goal by accommodating above and beyond patient care by doing the following: regulating fundamental, explanation, and scientific research intended to exemplify biological devices; comprehend disease pathogens; promote better diagnosis; improve medical care outcomes; and avert diseases as well as minimizing unfortunate results from treatment. During their perseverance they will also educate health care and scientific research experts.
Thus, St. Jude’s will be able to discover cures as well as improving the well-being for the ever growing population of adolescents who are admitted for treatment by pursuing cures by trial and error. St. Jude researchers will expand and share their knowledge in the advancements of treatment in those with fatal diseases, while acquiring methods to advert fatal diseases from occurring in adolescents.
St. Jude’s main…...

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