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Measuring the English vocabulary size of Greek Students in Swansea University

● ● Vocabulary of Greek highschool students English tests in Greece {Proficiency(Michigan,Cambridge,Edexcel), IELTS} ● ● ● Behaviour of Greek students in the UK Vocabulary of Greek highschool students Y_Lex vocabulary test and the difference from X_Lex

Aim of this study
To see if Greek students in Swansea university are learning new words from the time they leave Greece until the time they graduate and if they do, how much has their vocabulary increased.

● Due to the tendency of Greek students socializing with other Greeks, they should not be able to attain a certain amount of words in order to make a significant increase of their vocabulary. ● Maximum new words learned might be less than a thousand until the end of their studies.

● ● ● ● Selecting participants based on year of study, having IELTS or any other certificate. Handing out the two Y_Lex vocabulary tests to each one. Gathering all the data and analysing them. Checking the readability,difficulty and language level of the IELTS and Cambridge tests and comparing the participants’ scores with the scores of their Y_Lex tests.

● Gathered 20 participants of which 10 were in foundation and 1st year and the other 10 were in their final year or doing their Master’s degree ● Some participants were not included as they used to live in an english speaking country for a couple of years and most of them were Cypriots and the results would be unbalanced

Example of the Y_Lex test
Please look at these words. Some of these words are real English words and some are not but are made to look like real words. Please tick the words that you know or can use. 1. New For every correct word the 2. Gummer participant would recieve 3. Word 100 points. 4. Near On the other hand, for every fake word 5. Peace s/he had ticked s/he would lose 500 6. Produce points.

IELTS Scores
N. Low Level Part. High Level Part. 10 10 Average Scores 7.35/9 7.8/9 Minimum 6/9 7.5/9 Maximum 7.5/9 8.5/9

Y_Lex test results
Both high and low level of participants
Y_Lex test Y_Lex A low Y_Lex B low Y_Lex A high Y_Lex B high N. 10 10 10 10 Average score 6410 5960 7550 7320 Minimum 5200 3000 6200 5800 Maximum 7200 6900 8800 8200



● Greek students should know aprox. 7000 words at the age of 18. (Can also be seen by the IELTS Cambridge) ● Not using L2 results to dropping to 5000-6000 words ● Studying in the UK does enhance and expand their vocabulary. ● Hypothesis was proved wrong.

Unfortunately the Greek community in this university is quite small and did not offer a lot of participants for this study. The results would have been better if there were more Greek students studying in this university

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