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Code of Ethics Mgt216

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...MGT216 wk 1 Ethical and Moral Issues Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Jonathan Falcon MGT216 02/08/2012 Alfredia Martin Ethical and Moral Issues in Business This paper will address the ethical and moral issues in the business world. We will examine differences between personal ethics and business ethics. The preceding matters are all relevant to one another. The author will also provide some examples of common ethical problems that are faced in the business world. In order to distinguish the major differences between ethical and moral issues, we have to understand the differences. The following quote comes from an article named “Ethics and Morality in Business” by Thomas R. Schori, Ph.D., and Michael L. Garee:  Most of us instinctively believe, by virtue of our religious beliefs, our moral upbringing, or even our own internal moral "compass," that ultimately evil will be punished, either in the here and now or certainly in the great beyond.” Schori and Garee describe the battle between humanity and morality in that statement. The idea that people have the ability to understand right and wrong is expressed in that statement. Personal character will differ from person to person. However, there is still the balance between right and wrong that we all identify in our own ways. Society also plays a role in the topic of morality and ethics. Our personal beliefs are related to our own morals. The way society, business, and other types of......

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...Ethics Game Simulation Milan Kascelan MGT216 April 10, 2011 Sonny Bowman Ethics Game Simulation Introduction: In this paper, will be focusing on two important cases: the Case of Warning and Risk and the Case of Standards. Before we begin, I think that it is vital that we identify the stake holders involved because they play very important roles in determining the decisions of the organization and are also the people who are directly affected by the various decisions. In both cases, the stakeholders include the different members of G- Bio sport such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), all of the quality control managers, operation directors, director of public relations, and the various shareholders of the organization and also the consumer of the organization. The Warning and Risk: From the point of view of a quality control manager, I decided that the organization should make it policy to inform the various stakeholders, customers, about all the risk which they are about to be exposed to and all the goods that are in questioning. This could be accomplished in many different ways. First, the company should give out the proper information, and inform the stakeholders through media, newspapers, and post on the company’s website so that they are informed and know what they are getting in to. The company should provide the best service for the stakeholders so that they are not confused and know exactly what is going on. I think that if the company does......

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...Ethical Issues in Management Shawnez M. Mckenzie MGT216 September 2, 2010 Carrie Baird Ethical Issues in Management Managers are faced with daily decisions to ensure that they are leading by example in their managerial position. Managers must make sure their actions are fair, honorable, and reasonable to employees and customers is the groundwork of good ethical decision making. In today’s society ethical issues are becoming extremely complicated because of global and diversification in corporations. A broad explanation of diversity stems from personality and work style to all the visible dimensions such as age, race, ethnicity, or gender and to also to be influenced by religion, social economics and education (Lockwood, 2005). In this paper, I will describe moral and ethical issues faced by managers; explain the relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices apply to diversity; an example of a workplace diversity ethical dilemmas and the legal aspects management face while dealing with the issue. In addition to legalities governed or should be governed. Managers have a reasonable ethical duty to uphold the policy and the procedures of the company, so their ethical and morality is essential to employees. Managers are faced with various issues such as: diversity, work ethics, and discipline. However, diversity plays a major role in how an organization which can exemplifies that they are a company that can be open to an......

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...Current News Event: New Orleans Saints Summary: 1. Introduction 2. Organizational Values 3. Organizational Culture 4. Whistle-blowing 5. Conclusion Today many organizations practice organizational values and culture. However, many times these values and cultures are not followed and sometimes a person has to take a matter in their own hands by whistle-blowing. However, a whistle-blower may be viewed as a traitor in which case it is advisable to seek legal advice before preceding to blow a whistle. Current sports news reported such an incident regarding the New Orleans Saints, at which the defensive coordinator has run bounty system and the coach turned the other way. According to CBS (2012) The National Football League (NFL) commissioner issued a harsh one year suspension to New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton for his role in the team's bounty system that rewarded defensive players for laying injurious hits on opposing teams. The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently wrote, “The NFL’s commitment to the health and safety is not new at all, and is something that all of us have been actively pursuing for many years” (NFL, Health and Safety, 2010). When the word reached him of the New Orleans Saints violation of the organizations anti-bounty rules, Goodell was left with little choice but to come down hard on the team for exercising unethical practices that are contradictory to the NFL’s organizational values. In the aftermath, the decision that Commissioner Goodell......

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...Running head: ETHICS GAME Ethics Game Simulation June 6, 2010 Ethics Game Simulation The simulation positions the idea of making ethical decisions when challenges arise in a business setting. Businesses will always go through trials and tribulations; it is how those challenges are overcome, which makes us stronger as individuals and as a company. How particular situations are handled is what people remember the most. The simulation geared us to think ethically and morally by positioning our posture to not surrender with greed, but that our customers are a detrimental part in how we should think and how we would want to be treated. Our shareholders are the number one reason why corporations excel and strive. Without them, businesses would doom as we see so much in this tough economy. During the simulation exercise, a decision was necessary when addressing two informed issues. G-Biosport was an ethical company that unfortunately went through unforeseen circumstances. The company selling domestically and internationally did not have to meet prior approvals from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The product left their facilities and the problem was made aware of the contaminant, after tests were run, which consumed 100% of their received samples of this known impurity. As being the quality manager, ethical decisions are warranted with proper decision making and planning to remedy the fluke. The simulation required decisions to be fostered, which sincerely are......

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