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Coffee Shop Organizational Structur

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Visibility: This place has a good visibility, we will design a striking signboard will definately grab customer’s eyeball without anything block infront of it.
This street has the access straight to the main road, and also connected with other branches street, very convenience to get here, with barely traffic according to the average observation.
Due to this street haven’t gone very popular or commercial, not like ciptraland or G walk, so the rent for this place still in an average normal price. 80juta/ year,
Near this area, we have a lot people live around, and passing by, such as the darmo baru barat, or the darmo permai selatan, kupang indah etc, this street will be a best-pass-by street if they come back from the downtown or work.

Parking convenience
During the street is quite narrow, so it has a limited parking capacity approximately 4 cars in front the shop, but in front or near the shop has other place to park.

Organizational structure

Job Description
General Manager * Develops and executes sales and profit plans that are in-line with budgetary goals. * Ensures and is accountable for profitability of the store by growing sales and controlling costs of goods, inventory levels, labor, supplies and expenses. * Maintains and utilizes daily, weekly, quarterly and annual financial reporting tools. * Ensures proper team member coverage, scheduling according to the needs of business while maintaining target labor costs. * Oversees all cash and media management functions. Able to perform all POS duties, front and back of house functions including opening and closing procedures, coordinating with the Corporate Office as necessary. * Maintains proper loss prevention standards, reviewing cash handling procedures, deposits and safe procedures. * Plans, executes and...

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