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Cognitive Computing Project

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Law Assistants Co.

Law Assistants Co.

Law Assistants Co.
Law Assistants Co.

Prepared by: Maryam Arshad (212870234), Yueying Xu (212832747), Emilie Pryse (212740338), AmynaAmyna (212837373), and Constance Tomson (212804266)
All Members from Section C

Prepared by: Maryam Arshad (212870234), Yueying Xu (212832747), Emilie Pryse (212740338), AmynaAmyna (212837373), and Constance Tomson (212804266)
All Members from Section C

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2 General Information 3 Product Overview and Economic Justification 4 Risk Assessment and Mitigation 5 Marketing Plan 7 Marketing Mix 7 Application Development Plan 8 Application Development 8 Timeframe 8
Questions and Approach ……………………………………………………………………….…9

Summary 9 Conlusion 9 Bibliography 11 Appendix A – Crime Rates Comparison 14 Appendix B – SWOT Analysis 14 Appendix C – Estimated Costs 15 Appendix D – Estimated Revenues 15 Appendix E – The LawAssist Working Process 16 Appendix F – Implementation Process 17 Appendix G – Implementation Plan 17

Executive Summary

In today’s world, technology is moving at an incredibly fast pace. Industries such as healthcare, retail and finance have all implemented one or another form of modern technology. Out of the many advancements in the past decade, the most significant is cognitive computing. Defined in simple terms, cognitive computing refers to a computer system that is modeled after the human brain (Cognitive Computing). Such a computer system has the ability to naturally communicate with humans and assist them in their everyday lives. Today, IBM’s Watson cognitive computing system presents this technology thoroughly. Thus, the technology provided by IBM will be used to further develop new databases.

The LawAssist, Law Assistants Co.’s most recent development, acts as a tool to criminal lawyers that…...

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