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Cognitive Defination Paper

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Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper
Lakeshia Jackson
May 2, 2011
PSY 360
Bonnie Johnson

Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with a person’s internal states and their cognitive functions such as, their problem solving abilities, their motivation, their thinking, and even their attention. The development of cognitive psychology is marked by several milestones in the field of psychology. With the need for change in theories and methods on how things are researched, certain developments ultimately lead to the development of cognitive psychology. This paper will cover four of the milestones that lead to the development of cognitive psychology. This paper will also cover why observable behavior is important in cognitive psychology.
Development of Cognitive Psychology The development of cognitive psychology came about marked by different milestones that all paved the way for the cognitive perspective. One of the four major milestones that helped the development of cognitive psychology was behaviorism. Behaviorism as a perspective of psychology had its shortfalls such as not being able to account for all the experimental data that was being introduced (Willingham, 2007). The experimental data included studies in language and memory. Another drawback to behaviorism was that it was founded on the basic principle that psychology should only focus on that which was observable. Everything that was not observable, such as a person’s thoughts, was considered not important to behavior. The second milestone that this paper will cover is that abstract construct’s ability to account for the data shortfall mentioned in the first milestone. An abstract construct is a theoretical set of processes and representations that are useful in explaining some data (Willingham, 2007). Clark Hull was one of the...

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