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Cohesion Case Assignment #4

This week you are to develop a SWOT Matrix for the cohesion case (Google). The SWOT is discussed beginning on page 221 of your textbook. An example is provided on page 222 (Figure 6-3). List at least two strategies for each quadrant (i.e., SO, WO, ST, and WT).

1. Attracting top techies
2. Google don’t need Microsoft operating system
3. is on of the five most popular web sites of the internet
4. Google has evolved into a software, technology, internet, advertising, and media company
5. Google has restored investors’ faith, after the Meltdown of March 2000 6. Google has more than 10 billion Web pages, 1 billion
Images, and 1 billion Usenet messages in search indexes WEAKNESSES – W
1. Stock at $300 … is there any upside for investors
2. Dual class stock ownership system
3. Google compete in an industry that is constantly changing and in which innovation is a constant challenge
4. Google has a lower corporate governance rating than any stock in the S&P 500
5. The Company must maintain vigilance to prevent click fraud, which could undercut confidence in one of its key revenue generators OPPORTUNITIES – O
1. Google position atop of the high-tech mountain
2. Google is easy gobs of cash through a compelling advertising model for its client
3. Web only video search engine
4. Google plan to be accessible in every language that creates issue related to international property right and copyright laws
5. Google has a massive growth; could not be snuffed by Microsoft billons SO STRATEGIES
1. Use operating system to develop a web only video search engine (S2, O3)
2. Offer jobs and better benefits to top techies to compete with Microsoft and Yahoo (S5, O1, S1) WO STRATEGIES
1. Continue to be innovative, show investor that Google has a massive growth and...

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