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Project Appraisal

Larsen & Toubro

Breakthrough Project
The Coimbatore Bypass Road Project
The Coimbatore Bypass was the first road project to be implemented in South India on BOT1 (build, operate and transfer) basis. The project was a pioneering initiative, which incorporated private sector participation and levy of toll on users to ensure sustainability in the long run. The road ran between Neelambur on the Salem side of NH-47 Tamilnadu and in Kerala2, Madukkarai on the Palghat side.

The project involved construction of a 28-km long two-lane bypass road, the 32.2m new Athupalam bridge across the river Noyal, the railway overbridge at Chettipalayam Tamilnadu and the maintenance of the old bridge at Athupalam, all in the state of Tamilnadu. Larsen & Toubro (L&T)3was authorized to collect and retain the fee from users of the new and old Athupalam bridges. The bypass was expected to ease the traffic congestion in Coimbatore city, Tamilnadu and the Salem-Cochin national highway running between Tamilnadu and Kerala. The shippers, mostly export oriented units relying on the Cochin port for shipments, were other major beneficiaries as transportation time could be saved using the new road.
Construction was started in January 1998 and completed in 22 months time. The Athupalam bridge was opened for traffic in December 1998 and the bypass became operative from January19, 2000. The project cost was about Rs.1.04 bn. The project concession period was for 12 years, and was expected to set a precedent for assessment of traffic risk patterns in the country for toll-based roads.
L&T set up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) - L&T Transportation Infrastructure Ltd. (LTTIL), to implement the project. L&T held 100% equity in LTTIL. LTTIL implemented the project on BOT basis, with the revenue accruing directly to it. The project was constructed by L&T-ECC (Engineering…...

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