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Coke Analyzation Paper

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Analyzation paper

Coca-Cola has been in American culture since 1886, this widely popular soft drink that was once was the world’s most valuable company in the world. Many different age groups can enjoy Coke, one of its nicknames. I will be analyzing the
Advertisement techniques such as typography, setting, target group, and picture quality.
Joy, happiness, and laughter are at the center of the ad. It is implied with Santa Claws giving cheers by raising his bottle of Coca-Cola to the dancing dog. The boy and the girl are having the time of their life like Christmas morning is for most kids. Semi-Celebrity is used; even though he’s not a real person he is widely recognizable. Since Santa Claws is not a real person they have illustrated him as many people think he should look, a fat old man with a white beard and a White Caucasian person.

The setting is on Christmas morning in a White Caucasian home. Santa Claus was used advertising, specifically to encourage people to drink Coca-Cola even in the cold weather months.
Coca-Cola targets all different age group but in this ad it targets children because of the characters used in the ad. The ethnicity group that this ad targets is White Caucasian. Red, and Times New Roman Typography is used threw out their ads. Red colored font is used because Coca-Cola associates it’s self with it. Times New Roman typography is used in the ad because it shows that they are professional yet bold with different font sizes and arrangement.
Coca-Cola did not go the traditional route when making the ad they chose to come up with a different look. Coca-Cola makes the ad look like a fine painting from a famous artist. Giving the look of a fine oil masterpiece and the timeless effect of oil painting.
Since the beginning, Coca-Cola has use their ad’s to implentated advertisement techniques by utilizing typography, setting, target...

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