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Coke Sustainability Report

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GRI Report
A companion to the 2011/2012 Sustainability Report
This report was released on October 7, 2012 | v1 . 8

About This Report
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is “a network-based organization that produces a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework that is widely used around the world.” This year, in 2012, The Coca-Cola Company has set out to report against the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure economic, environmental and social performance. We have done so within the scope of our Company’s wholly owned operations. Where we have reported information on behalf of the Coca-Cola system (The Coca-Cola Company and our bottling partners), we have flagged this information within the body of the text. For 2012, and the 2011/2012 Sustainability Report specifically, our Company has self-declared a grade B against the GRI G3.1 Guidelines. This year’s Sustainability Report has also received verification by a third-party external verification agency, FIRA Sustainability BV. Their verification is evidenced by a “+” sign next to our grade B, which reflects their verification and approval of our tracking systems. Throughout this report, you will find the KPIs that we have addressed, along with additional information regarding our most critical initiatives and programs. While we strive to continuously increase our transparency, some of the information requested in response to additional KPIs could put at risk our ability to compete and therefore are not included in the report.
About This Report the coca-cola company 2011/2012 GRI Report
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