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Coke On POE: Ask 50M Fans To Share Happiness
Coca-Cola is asking its 50 million Facebook fans to share happiness. In this story you will get unlimited inspiration and insights about Coke’s POE, Crowdsourcing and Social CRM strategy.

Coke’s ground-breaking and integrated social marketing approach could inspire many brands and their CMOs. Let’s take a deep dive here…

Coca-Cola is asking its 50 million Facebook fans for creative input about how it can make the world a “happier place”, in a scheme to activate its Open Happiness theme and to collect customer data.
With Coke’s new Facebook App, fans can register their interest in the scheme by filling out their details, and they can share their ideas on happiness.
On the app, Coca-Cola explains that users who give their permission will next receive marketing e-mails from the company and information may be disclosed to service providers who handle campaigns on its behalf or to affiliates who may send marketing offers and information.
Coke has said the ideas it is looking for will be ones which enable people to be more active, give to others, be social or “engage in other activities associated with increased happiness”. Further information, including timelines for the project, will be revealed in the coming weeks.
Now there are a few things at Coke that could really inspire CMOs.
Are you ready for some of my opinions?
Most marketers around the globe have embraced social media, but they failed to integrate it. Organizing social media in an integrated way seems to be very difficult for brands. But not for Coca Cola.
Due to the lack of big-data analyses and lack of integrated media metrics most CMOs are not able to get the highest possible ROI on their media investments, because they are not using the smartest possible mix of POE media.
Most brands start with social tactics, but social is not at the heart…...