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Collaboration Case Study

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Collaboration Case Study

|Teacher |Strategies |Reasoning |Opportunities |Challenges |
|1 |Build Rapport: As a literacy coach, I would |Lillian is an experienced teacher which is why I |Collaborative Resource Management: Through|The biggest challenge I can identify in working with |
| |work on building a rapport with Lillian as |chose the collaborative stance. Through validating|collaboration, the teacher and coach work |Lillian, is resistance to coaching suggestions, because |
| |the first step. Because she is an experienced|her as a good resource for other teachers, |together to explore school resources, |she was not hired for the Literacy Coach position for |
| |teacher, my approach would be in a way that |providing ideas of effective lessons and |discuss effective ways of how to implement|which she applied. Therefore, I feel it’s more important |
| |is respectful to recognizing her expertise. |strategies, she will ideally be more open to |the resources, and discuss strategies. |to establish a rapport with Lillian initially. |
| |Examples of this are: Initially I would |coaching and collaboration. In other words, if she|This will allow Lillian to share her | |
| |communicate to her that I value her opinions |feels she is valued and has a voice, she will be |expertise, which will aid in establishing | |
| |and ideas, and encourage her to share them |less resistant to coaching. Because she...

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