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Collaboration Fundamental

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Collaboration Fundamentals

Collaborating with others is essential for success academically and professionally. Collaboration is the act of a group of people with different skills and background coming together to produce or create something. Students in learning teams get to collaborate and share ideas with others within their group; which in results enhances the learning environment. In groups, students can bring out the best in each other in order to obtain a common goal. Working with people of different backgrounds can also broaden the scope of the project and introduce thoughts that some students might have overlooked if they were working alone. When working in a group, every member should come into it with an open mind, but conflicts among members can still appear. One way to minimize conflicts from happening is communication. As a team, there will be several different personalities, attitudes, and learning styles among the members. Communicating and listening to everyone opinion is a start. The strategy used by most is to form a team charter that every member agrees with, This set out specific goals for each member and deadlines for completion of the assignment and final project. In the team charter, the group should also decide on how to handle potential conflicts and how to handle the situation. If conflicts occur then members can look toward the charter, but there's still a respectful way of resolving the issue. The members should always try to understand the problem from the other's view and look to help. When collaborating with others, personal responsibility is still necessary. Each member is required to participate and do their share of the work in order for the project to be a success. A group functions much better when everyone is doing their part in a timely manner. In order for this to happen, each member has to hold themselves responsible in managing their time and effort not only academically, but in their everyday lives. Having personal responsibility also means to let your team know ahead of time that you can not complete a particular task or need help to complete it. Effective and successful team tend to cooperate well together. This collaboration in a learning organization is an excellent way to prepare for working in teams professionally. Not only is the student able to gain more knowledge of the topic being studied, but also gain experience with working with various people and personalities.

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