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Collaborative Fundraising Activity

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Collaborative Fundraising Activity
Holly Regan
May 7, 2014
Greg O'Donnell

Collaborative Fundraising Activity As a representative of the Phoenix Homeless Agency, our mission is to provide services to underserved population with many services. The program PHA provides that is in need of dire assistance is the job counseling program. The PHA will propose three separate concepts to utilize to raise funds the PHA is less to continue the program at this time. The first concept is client donations which PHA believes is a funding notion which can be on-going. The client feels they have contributed what they can afford and feels better about receiving PHA’s services. In the event they no longer need the services they are content knowing what they have given will go to those even more less fortunate than they were and also other community businesses that become aware of the clients participation with donating to keep this program afloat may definitely be helpful in their decision more to donate as well. The second concept is to request donations from larger corporations in the community and is a win-win for both the PHA and the donor since they can write it off on their annual taxes. If the corporation sees how well their donation has paid off then they may continue to donate the same amount or more each year. This type of donor is essential when other funding is depleted by other necessary programs and services. The third concept is to sell items people want or need and the proceeds go to necessary programs. This type of fundraising works wonderful if the organization is able to obtain the type of merchandise the community already buys elsewhere and seems to be in high demand or is an extremely popular item with a certain age group. There are more people willing to donate when they feel they have received a worthy item in exchange for helping those in need and as if their money was well spent.

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