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Collaborative Planning

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Collaborative Planning,
Forecasting, and
Research Paper
Tuomas Toiviainen & Jeffrey Hansen

What is CPFR? ............................................................................................................................................... 3
What are the typical tasks performed under CPFR?..................................................................................... 4
What are the benefits of CPFR for retailers? ................................................................................................ 5
What are the benefits of CPFR for manufacturers? ..................................................................................... 6
What are the challenges for CPFR?............................................................................................................... 7
What are the next steps for CPFR? ............................................................................................................... 7

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Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) is a tool used to enhance the supply chain that should optimally yield in lower inventories, logistic costs and create efficiency in the whole supply chain to all participants. CPFR uses cooperative management in sharing key information about the supply chain between suppliers and retailers (sellers and buyers) who work together to satisfy the needs of the end customer. The origins of the model date back to 1995 initiated by Wal-Mart, Cambridge
University and software and strategy firm Benchmarking Partners, after which it was introduced to
Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards Committee (VICS) to be the international standard. Today over 300 companies have implemented the model and numerous case studies show inventory...

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