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Burning the World’s Oil Auxelerating super cars filled with excitement and unpredictability or boring fuel efficient mini cars that have nothing going for them. That’s the question you need to ask if you are thinking about going green or not. Prices of environmental factors are some reason to go green. But is speed and adrenaline really worth hurting the environment over “Dan Neil the author of the article the Rapture of the Hypercar tends to think so.” Super cars are the expensive and bad for the environment. They get bad gas mileage they are loud and dramatically over priced. Who would want to spend that much money on a vehicle which main purpose is to get you from place to place safely and as green as possible. If we need a car shouldn’t we be looking for the cheapest and most fuel efficient car as possible? Believe it or not but some people would like to go faster than 40mph. Super cars offer excitement and a break away from the real world which is harsh. As for pollution yeah it may not be the best thing for the environment but neither are a lot of the things we do like breathing. Breathing releases Co2 which is bad for the atmosphere. Gasoline has so much energy per gallon that even our most advanced lithium batteries would have to be huge around 40 pounds and would have to charge for ever to be able to produce the amount of energy that a single gallon of gas does. That is why gasoline even though bad is the best thing right now for motorized transportation it sounds cool and goes a lot faster than a electric thing that you plug into the...

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