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There Should Not Be Any Required Courses In College

There are many arguments to support the abolishment of core classes in college. One reason is a financial one: a great bulk of tuition money that the students pay to college is for their courses. It is not right to have the college take this money and make the student's decisions for them. The students should have the right to make this decision on their own. This does not only make for unwisely spent funds, but also unhappy students who are therfore not going appreciate a forced class.

Secondly, college is where a person goes to discover him/herself. This is one of the many goals of the college system, and that discovery process is hindered by unneeded, mandatory classes. Students should be able to try many different classes to discover what interests them the most, not to be fed knowledge that they very well might know already (and is perhaps of no interest to them). If required courses were eliminated, it would free up much time that students could then use to pursue their own interests. College exists to help people become unique individuals, not to put every person into the same standard mold.

Thirdly, college selection systems are designed to admit most students on the basis of what they know already (after all, the purpose of high school is to prepare you for college). If the selection system was actually accurate or efficient, they would have chosen students who already knew the material that was required, thus not needing to take the core classes. This would save funding for the university because they would not have to teach redundant classes that only review what a student knows.

For an institution that promotes self discovery and educational freedom, mandatory courses seem to be dogmatically needless. Students are paying good money to attend universities. Why should they have to sit...

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