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College Dormitory

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February 2, 2011

Life in a College Dormitory

Life is a characteristic state or mode of living social life, city life, or real life. Once students reach a certain age they are allowed to make their own decisions. Those decisions can be based on how and where they live. Those decisions can also be based on what they want to do with their life after they reach a certain age. People get their own opinions about what is right and what is wrong and decide to practice what they speak. Many students go through different phases during college and see things differently. As for as the dormitory part of college life students chose three areas that are criticized the most. Life in a college dormitory can be pathetic due to poor maintenance, room sizes, and personal relationships. To continue, a major downfall in dormitories is poor maintenance. Most of the problems dorms have are lack of hot water, broken heaters, broken washing machines, etc. that are never fixed properly. During the season of winter these problems should be checked before the season actually comes. There is a problem with the heating system at Totty Hall that can lead to student’s sickness because the system does not work properly. For instance the heaters blow cold air during the winter instead of heat and seldomly, students might feel warm air. Recently, the water was turned off during the night due to a busted pipe because of winter conditions. The problem took three days to be fixed and it was considered a hassle for students. Not only was the water turned off at a certain time but while the water was turned on there was cold water only. Once the broken pipe was fixed students started seeing a problem with the lack of hot water.
Even though last semester the water heater was broken there is still a problem with getting hot water. Maintenance conditions need to be improved in order to consider life in a college dormitory acceptable. In addition, another way college dormitories have been criticized is because of the room sizes. Most students bring their room from home to a dorm. Meaning most of the clothes, shoes, and accessories, an undergraduate have at their home is brought to a crammed space creating crowdedness. In the dormitories is a miniature closet that most undergraduates have busting open because of all the clothes that are stuffed inside of the closets. Then there is the actuality that students have to share a tiny room with someone else. The term your side and my side are not possible because it seems as if students walk over each other space. In order to get to the even smaller bathrooms that some dorms have, students trespass their roommates side to get there. The criticism of small dorms only gets worst and students continue to complain but it doesn’t make a difference at all. Last but not least, are the personal relationships that are created to last and the relations that get destroyed in a dormitory. Every roommate does not get along nor have the same interests which sometimes create conflict. Most roommates seem to work it out even though students may not like some of the things their roommates are or how they don’t clean up behind themselves. Then there are some roommates or suitemates as well that will be best friends in due time. The college life in a dormitory is based on what students make it. Having a good attitude and being considerate of other belongings, feelings, privacy, etc. can install a great relationship with a roommate or suitemate. Having the attitude of do what I say do and not caring about the next can destroy many relationships and cause problems with others leaving some students lonely. To conclude, college life in a dormitory has its faults but the life is what students make of it. Respecting authority and others will make things easier and the things such as poor maintenance, room sizes, and relationships would be easier to stand. Students are not in dormitories forever and it is also a choice to stay there. For the most part making a dormitory a little like home is more suitable for students. Making the dormitories suitable would decrease problems and dormitories would be able to have happier students. Those happier students would be able to enjoy bigger rooms, appreciate proper maintenance, and have a good time with a better relationship with a roommate.

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