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College Education Is Worth the Investment


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College Education is Worth the Investment

All kids are pushed to do their best and work hard in school. Having a work ethic is something that is always emphasized when children are young and learning the importance of diligence in school. We are told that if you work hard you will reap more benefits in your lifetime. Hard work is a key to doing well in school and work. Being inherently intelligent will obviously open doors but having merit and putting that in your everyday work will get you far as well. It has been shoved down our throats that a college degree is a way to secure a job and find something that will allow some stability in life. In a time where everyone has seen families struggle with finding any sort of stability, it is something that this generation definitely strives for. The economy is said to be recovering, and unemployment rates dropping. We are told that hard work helps guarantee a job, security, and more wealth in life. Due to the economy and high education costs it is not always so obvious whether the hard work put forth in college will pay off in the end. College is supposed to guarantee a sort of safety net for a safe middle class life, and although this is not always the case the costs and time spent in college teach valuable lessons that a student can carry with them and apply to the work world when they get their degree and in other aspects of their life. Some people think that they will not be able to get into college based on grades and test scores alone. These people automatically eliminate their chances for an education. College can be seen as something that is too selective simply based on scores alone. This puts some people at a disadvantage because they did not do well enough in school. I think that those that know that they are intelligent are more likely to become complacent. That is what happens when things

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