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College: Is It Worth It?

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College: Is it Worth it?
Kristen Nadeau
College Writing
Professor Kessler
January 29, 2012

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College: Is it worth it?

There are many options and paths someone can take in choosing to go to college or not but a question to ask is, is it worth it? If the decision is made to go to college then one of the first things to decide on is an area of study and then looking into where that topic of study is available, which can be a big undertaking. Some options that are out there are a four year college, community colleges and vocational or technical schools. Another option would be not going to college at all, but ask yourself is that really a good idea? What has been drilled and suggested to most young students all their high school lives is, go to college. It can give that person a certain status if they have been to college and what kind of college can certainly change that view when mentioned on a job interview or even at a social get together.
One thought that may make a difference to them would be the possibility of making more income once they are done. On average a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree can make up to $20,000 more a year then a high school graduate. On the other hand if someone has only had some college or even an associate’s degree might make more than someone with a bachelor’s degree. One might say then, that a college education is not a guarantee of making more money, and to support that thought one might look at a very few select people that did not go or didn’t finish college but are now making millions without that piece of paper like Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Somebody might look at his success and think they don’t have to finish or even go to college to be successful.
The fact that…...

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