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College Skills Final Essay My personal definition of success is to have what I need to make it through one day at a time with the food, clothing, shelter, and love that is needed to survive. Making it through one day at a time requires these elements in order to move on. In order to obtain food, clothing, and shelter, I need the ability to generate an income of some sort. The amount of income I can generate is dependent upon the effort that I put into finding the perfect job, and meeting any goals that I set for myself, mainly my short term goal of receiving a college degree. The steps required for me to achieve personal success are many. Accepting personal responsibility will be one of those steps. I have to accept responsibility for the actions that I choose to take. If I choose to not study for an exam, or I choose to not seek out additional help to learn how to solve a difficult Calculus problem, then I am the only person that I can blame if I receive a grade that is less than an A. I have to accept personal responsibility for choices that I make not only in college but also in my place of employment. I initially started my college journey due to being terminated from my last place of employment. I was terminated due to a decision that I chose to make. From the time I made that decision, I accepted what I did with a clear conscious because I knew that what I did was morally and spiritually right. I look back with no regrets, even to this day when I find obtaining employment very difficult, and can say that I accepted personal responsibility for my actions that day. Another step to my personal success is the discovery of self-motivation. Without self-motivation I would still be looking for or working for a dead end job with no hopes of advancing within the company. Self-motivation is what we all need to discover what our purpose in life is on this earth.…...

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