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College Students and Depression

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Susan Baldwin 1) Introduction a) Finish Classes - Describe fall (SMILE)– roommate acting strange – sitting on bench (CONCERN – THINKING) – cannot talk to school – phone call to mom b) I am the mom (PAUSE) – (SPEAK SOFTLY) daughter severely depressed – freshman @ Temple c) Researched and learned about college depression d) Share findings about college depression e) Specifically, i) What is depression (SLIGHT PAUSE) ii) what causes depression (SLIGHT PAUSE) iii) how to identify symptoms of depression (SLIGHT PAUSE) iv) and finally where to seek help for depression 2) Body f) National Institute of Mental Health, “Depression is a common but serious mental illness typically marked by sad or anxious feelings. Most college students occasionally feel sad or anxious, but these emotions usually pass quickly—within a couple of days. Untreated depression lasts for a long time, interferes with day-to-day activities, and is much more than just being "a little down" or "feeling blue." g) (QUESTION AUDIENCE) h) How many of you have felt depressed or had a friend that you thought was depressed? v) What did you observe that made you think of depression? vi) What did you do to help resolve the depression? i) (PAUSE FOR RESPONSES) j) Not a clinical diagnosis vii) depression that begins during college k) most common mental health problems on college campuses viii) According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Forty million U.S. adults suffer from a depression disorder, and 75% of them experience their first episode of depression by age 22. (1) 80% say they frequently or sometimes experience daily stress (2) 34% have felt...

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...Depression, one of the most common of the diagnosed mental disorders, is troubling the college students in an increasing rate. Psychologists define depression as mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for an extended period of time. Although it may sound simple, this ailment should not be underestimated; it must be understood well to avoid grave consequences. Most of the college students fail to notice that they are afflicted by depression, which in turn greatly affect their academic performances. It is imperative that these students be aware of this disorder in order to survive their university lives. First, it should be known to all that depression is caused by many factors instead of believing that it is caused by a one-time event such as failing an exam. Depression among college students may be rooted on their inability to adjust to the culture of their university. Changes in their environment, being away from the family, and new peers and influences stress these students, and when they fail to adapt, they inevitably fall into the abyss of depression. The increased competitiveness in the universities and greater academic demands of parents add to these factors which push students to be depressed. Failure to accomplish these goals and responsibilities over and over is another great leap to sadness and frustration. The different lifestyle of being a college student is another factor due to chemical imbalances,......

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...pression Affects College Students How Depression Affects College Students Nikki M. Broadnax Elementary Education Major Abstract The age group of depressed college students is 18 – 32 many students find the adjustment from high school to college difficult. Even the student that seems most at ease with their new lifestyle will often confess to moments of missing their familiar high school friends, family and other comforts of home. A study by UCLA reports that more than 25-30 percent of college freshmen say they feel overwhelmed most of the time in the beginning stages of college. Some students, however, find themselves feeling much more than simply overwhelmed. 2006 college seniors surveyed, the numbers has increased 50% since the 1970s. Unthinking depression has its peak in females between the ages of 18-40, and for males between 21-40, emphasize that depression occurs at all ages. The difference between adult and childhood pictures of depression have been attributed to an inability of the child to verbalized his or her affective state incomplete superego development, and absence of consistent self-representation. How Depression Affects In College Students More than 18 million adults, almost a tenth of the United States population above the age of 17-23, have been found to demonstrate symptoms of a depressive disorder each year (Rosack, July 8, 2010) Depression is defined as a state of intense sadness or despair that has progressed to a level......

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...DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY 28 : 447–455 (2011) Research Article FEELING BAD ON FACEBOOK: DEPRESSION DISCLOSURES BY COLLEGE STUDENTS ON A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE Megan A. Moreno, M.D. M.S.Ed. M.P.H.,1Ã Lauren A. Jelenchick, B.S.,1 Katie G. Egan,1 Elizabeth Cox, M.D. Ph.D.,1 Henry Young, Ph.D.,2 Kerry E. Gannon, B.S.,1 and Tara Becker, Ph.D.1 Background: Depression is common and frequently undiagnosed among college students. Social networking sites are popular among college students and can include displayed depression references. The purpose of this study was to evaluate college students’ Facebook disclosures that met DSM criteria for a depression symptom or a major depressive episode (MDE). Methods: We selected public Facebook profiles from sophomore and junior undergraduates and evaluated personally written text: ‘‘status updates.’’ We applied DSM criteria to 1-year status updates from each profile to determine prevalence of displayed depression symptoms and MDE criteria. Negative binomial regression analysis was used to model the association between depression disclosures and demographics or Facebook use characteristics. Results: Two hundred profiles were evaluated, and profile owners were 43.5% female with a mean age of 20 years. Overall, 25% of profiles displayed depressive symptoms and 2.5% met criteria for MDE. Profile owners were more likely to reference depression, if they averaged at least one online response from their friends to a status update disclosing......

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...Benefits of Physical Activity Among University Students The correlation between physical activity and mental health among college students is not a topic that individuals are readily informed about. There is a significant amount of stress in the media on the importance of physical activity to an individuals’ health in preventing and treating chronic diseases however the significance towards mental health is rarely mentioned. Although there are a lot of research studies regarding the topic, university students may not necessarily take the time to properly educate themselves on how to better their life through physical activity. Physical activity has a positive effect on the mental health of post-secondary students specifically in the areas of anxiety, stress and depression. Students experience many forms of stress not only in regards to academics, but many outside factors as well. According to Hurst (2013), after surveying students for his study the top stressor they reported is general academics. A full-time student generally takes five courses per semester which include overlapping due dates for assignments, the act of studying for exams, all while students are expected to maintain a required average in order to remain enrolled in the program. All of these contribute to the stress of the student. The second most frequent stressor faced by students is relationships. Hurst (2013) explains that students face relationship stressors in regards to family, romantic, and......

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...Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the things you do that it feels like there is not enough time within the day? If you answered yes, then you have experienced some kind of stress. Stress is your body’s response to events that makes you feel threatened about your life in some way. There are many things that cause stress for all ages and many people experience stress, but college students have the most amount of stress to deal with. According to the dictionary stress is the importance, significance, or emphasis placed on something. According to Walker and her Teenagers in Distress Series people may experience stress when they become very busy, have deadlines to make, or do not have enough time to finish everything they wanted. People may stress about simple things like flying and animals, but many people experience stress from the fear of failing, being humiliated, or experiencing a death of a family member. Stress centers around two important times for teenagers, when they are home or at school. “In a survey of sixty young people the primary sources of tension for teens were: relationships with friends and family, the pressure of expectations from self and others, pressure at school from teachers, coaches, grades and homework, financial pressures, and tragedy in the lives of family and friends.” (Walker, 7) More causes of stress for teenagers include breaking up with their significant other, arguments with parents, trouble with siblings, and trouble with classmates. ......

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...survey of 123,078 college students indicated that 11% reported they had been diagnosed with or treated for depression within the past year. Further, 22% had experienced depression in the past 12 months; among those endorsing depression, 39% said that it has affected their academic performance (American College Health Association, 2013). Other research further supports that depression is a significant predictor of both lower grade point average and higher probability of drop- ping out (Eisenberg, Golberstein, & Hunt, 2009). National surveys show that a substantial minority of college students report depression (Eisenberg, Gollust, Golberstein, & Hefner, 2007; National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2012). The 2012 report from the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors indicated that 95% of counseling center directors believe that psychological problems are a growing concern and that depression is one of the most prevalent concerns with 36% of college students affected (Mistler, Reetz, Krylowicz, & Barr, 2012). Depression is caused by a number of risk factors such as, family history, physical illness, medication and ethnicity. Some types of depression tend to run in families. However, depression can occur in people without family histories of depression too. Scientists are now studying certain genes that may make some people more prone to depression than others. Some genetics research indicates that the risk for depression results from the......

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...Cyberbullying, Depression, and Problem Alcohol Use in Female College Students: A Multisite Study it discusses the effects of cyberbullying, depression, and alcohol use in college students. Cyberbullying can be described often as a way of bullying via the internet, cell phone, or any other electronic device. The effects of cyberbullying are increased levels of depression and emotional distress. Research has discovered that in addition to increased levels of depression, that cyberbullying has contributed to increased substance usage such as alcohol with both the victim and the bully. With that said, both the cyberbully and the cybervictim are at risk for mental and physical health consequences. Since the majority of technology users are college students, recent research has been dedicated to focusing on them. The researchers hypothesized that 10-15% of college students are estimated to be involved with cyberbullying. Further research of college students in comparison to younger adolescents showed that there is a commonality between their motivations such as entertainment, retaliation, and imbalance of power. Also, both college students and young adolescents appeared to have increased depressive symptoms and fewer social skills. Since depression and alcohol use are among the most common health concerns of college students a study showed that approximately 30% of college students reported having depression and 9% contemplated suicide in the last year. In addition 65% of college......

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...Bibliography assignment of this week’s task. I hope you guys can help me improve my writing skill by your comments and suggestion. Thank you so much for all of your opinions. Summary Rachel, E. (2014, November). Helping College Kids With Depression. Retrieved from In Helping college kids with depression, Rachel gave a general view about one of many crucial issues in college life that most of young person have to face with nowadays – college depression. To begin with, the author indicated the warning situation of this mental illness to college students and some of the causes that lead to this problems. After that, she also pointed out the symptoms of the mental disorder as well as to remind adults who have the responsibility to take care of their children. Last but not least, some of suggestion and treatments are given to help kids who are in their depression can get out of this struggles soon. Diana, R. (2010, March) College Suicide — Know the Warning Signs, Retrieved from In the first part of the article, writer shows us alarming statistics of depression situation in college students. The next part mainly focuses on the signs and symptoms of the illness people such as self-destructive behavior, serious substance abuse, etc. The author also emphasized the importance of recognizing......

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...How Do Students Cope with Stress: Stress Factors, Source of Stress, and Effects of Stress Introduction The issues pertaining to a student's stress status is extremely important due to the devastating consequences it may have. Students who experience a high level of stress may experience drug or alcohol abuse, perform poorly in school, or suffer from depression. It is important to address the issues of depression as it is a mental illness that can be both financially costly and harmful to the sufferer's personal health. Depression often leads to increased work absenteeism, temporary disability, and overall decreased productivity. It can also have harmful effects on the course and outcome of common chronic conditions, such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity. According to the National Institution of Mental Health, depression can also be a major risk factor for suicide. (NIMH 2007) Therefore, it is crucial to analyze the consequences that depression may have on a student, as it may not only affects a student's current health condition, but may also result in a student having suicidal thoughts. According to the CDC 2009 report on the twenty leading causes of death among those of age 10 or above, suicide is ranked as the tenth leading cause of death in the Unites States, accounting for 36,891 deaths (CDC 2009). In a more narrow and specific research, the National Institution of Mental Health reported that suicide was the third......

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...Juan Carlos Cruz English 1302 Research Paper 04/16/2015 Stigma among College students with depression and Anxiety There are a lot of illnesses. We go to the doctor, we get medication and some rest to get better; most of the times the disease is gone. However, mental illness is not the same. Once the person is affected, it is not a simple process to get back to an average day. It takes time and the right treatment to get better. .. Mental illness has several symptoms that need to meet in criteria of the DSM V in order to be diagnosed. The website MAYO CLINIC provides the following definition of what a mental illness is: “Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors. Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. But a mental health concern becomes a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function. A mental illness can make you miserable and can cause problems in your daily life, such as at work or in relationships. In most cases, symptoms can be managed with a combination of medications and counseling (psychotherapy) (Mayo Clinic,2015)” As the website described, Mental illness must disturb the daily functioning, such as the ability to work, go to school, or the difficulty of doing simple......

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...As awareness for suicide among college aged students rose, this research paper aimed to find the truth behind the matter. Collecting from many sources, he found varying views. Some proved that suicide is more likely when comparing the population as a whole to a single campus. Other times, the researchers believe that campuses skew their numbers by not reporting suicides of students off campus. However, one point seems to be more supported than the rest and this is that young adults who drop out of college are much more likely to commit suicide than those in college. Even though there is no clear evidence whether more suicides are being attempted or completed at colleges, it is know that the number of students enrolling in college with some form of psychiatric problems like depression and anxiety is on the rise, which can lead to higher suicide rates. Silverman, M. M., MD, Meyer, P. M., Sloane, F., Madeleine, M., & Pratt, D. M. (1997). The big ten student suicide study: A 10-year study of suicides on...

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...Introduction According to the American College Health Association there are more than 1,000 suicides on college campuses per year and one out of every ten students have made a plan to commit suicide in the past. Throughout the years the issues involving suicide on college campuses has become a major problem. There have been a multitude of studies that show that college is an especially stressful time for young adults and that measures to prevent suicide have to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the students. Other statistics from the American College Health Association lists that suicide among young adults (15-24) has tripled since the 1950’s and that suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst college students. Many factors...

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...Essay 1: College Stress College students are one of the biggest groups of people that are suffering through a deep stress in their daily life. They are having many difficulties in college that they are not used to it because college is just example of being a responsible adult in a real life which is challenge for them especially when they finish high school. The first years students are the ones that are having the hardest time dealing with stress in college because they live in a new environment which they need to get used to comparing to those who have attended college for years. The conditions of depression that college students put in through their daily life are their personal life, living in a new environment and responsibilities. College student’s personal life is a way that can cause the majority of them to have a difficult time in class and cause stress because occasionally they don’t have time to study that much and they need to do their daily tasks such as going to work, or going to a mechanic to fix their car or picking someone specially if they have kids. College students who are parent have even a hard time to focus on class because they need to take care of their kids. This caused many of them to overload since they are doing more work than what they need to do which cause their bodies to pass their limits. The outcome of college students to overload is deep depression, tired, and change of attitude. Living in a new environment is tough for college students......

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