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College Success

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College Success

Helpful Tips For College and Life

“Becoming a Time Manager and a Goal Setter” is a chapter that teaches skills that can used in every part of life. The purpose of this chapter is to teach you how to manage your time and establish goals in each area of your life. Some types of goals are an immediate goal, which is achievable in a few hours. A short-term goal is achievable within the range of a week to a term. An intermediary goal is achievable a year or more. A long-term goal is achievable in a matter of years (Wong 108). A helpful tool in establishing your goals is STSR. It is: • Set Specific, clear and realistic goals. • Set a specific Target date and time to complete each goal. • Identify the individual Steps involved in reaching the goal. • Plan a Reward for yourself when you reach the goal (Wong 110).

Linda Wong warns that trying to achieve too many goals at one time can be overwhelming. Use her ABC Method to prioritize your goals. You need to: • List all the goals you want to achieve. • Assign a priority letter A, B, C to your goals. • Then achieve goal one at a time based on your priority rating (Wong 115).

Then once you establish your educational, work and leisure time goals you are directed to learn how to create a weekly time schedule. It is important to be realistic when creating your schedule such as having a rotating work schedule. You might have to adjust the schedule each week.

If I were to tell another student, I would say that time management and goal setting has helped me to organize time and set the path of my goals in a balanced manner. Time management allows me to plan my week or adjust if something comes up. The goal setting guides taught me how to differentiate the small goals to life changing goals. It helped me because I did nothing of...

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