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“Why college education is important to me”
In recent times, it has become apparent that having a college education is important. It is no longer enough to make it out of high school; but it’s about pushing yourself and reaching your highest potential. Aristotle, one of the founding figures of Greek philosophy, provoked the minds of people for centuries about the reaping of education to produce sweet fruit. So with that historical fire under my butt, I feel there is simply no choice, a college education must be in the cards for me. My first day of teaching, and I had all these impressionable children staring at me with their freshly emptied minds fresh off the summer vacation. It was the time to show whether or not I was really cut out for teaching. Weeks went on and it was filled with mistakes, triumphs and most of all learning. A fellow co-worker pulled me aside and told me of some of my students re-enacting me in class. They said how I never stop class to go to bathroom, how I would keep them inside until everyone understood the new concepts of the lesson and other simple things. But what stuck with me the most was that they realized the sacrifice and hard work I was putting into my work.
Frederick Rudolph, The American College and University: A History.(1990). Athens: the University of Georgial Press.; (Chapter 15, pp. 307-328.)
“The movement toward the higher education of women drew on a tradition of educational emancipation which went back at least to the effective and respectable schools of the Moravians Pennsylvania, in 1749. Female seminaries such as those founded by Emma Willard at Troy in 1821, set precedents for the education of women; the woman's college movement was an extension upward of the female-seminary idea.”
Fresh out of college and with no real path, all I knew was that I couldn’t be at home seeing my classmates become doctors, pastors or…...