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Collegiate Payday

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Devonne Waters
Professor Jessee
27 February 2013
Collegiate Payday
For quite some time now, there has been a big debate about whether or not college athletes should be paid. Some people, like author, Kristi Dosh, believe that a scholarship should be payment enough (Dosh 52). After all, a scholarship can be easily worth $15,000 - $25,000 or more per year, plus a career after college that can be worth a million dollars over a lifetime. Additionally, student athletes receive all kinds of perks while they are in college, like staying at fancy hotels, being seen on national television, and all of the notoriety that goes with being an athlete. It is hard to put a price tag on all of that. However, considering the fact that certain college sports generate millions of dollars for college athletic programs, many people believe the athletes are being used. If the average football scholarship is worth $20,000 per year, yet the university gains $70,000 per year in revenue per scholarship player, the university will profit $50,000 per year, per scholarship player, or $200,000 over a four year period (Spurrier, 12). The NCAA should establish a rule that gives every college athlete a $1,000 monthly allowance, because college athletes cannot use their scholarships to pay for their many expenses.
A story that was told in one of Dr. John Acquaviva’s articles was about a certain player named Roy Finch that spoke out on the topic of college athletes receiving payment. Roy Finch sent out a tweet that said, “I'm tired of thinking it’s time for action....I need to get paid trying to get my money up. School faking on the money so I gotta go get it...." A few months later Roy Finch was in an investigation that accused him of selling his sports memorabilia and his actions of talking to sports sponsors (Acquaviva, 59). The NCAA should pay their athletes, so that events like this will not…...

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