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Colonel Graff Is A Good Mentor In Ender's Game

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Colonel Graff is a good mentor in Ender’s Game only because he was trying to prepare Ender to save the world for a greater good. According to the text, Graff told Ender, “Maybe you’ll break down under the pressure, maybe it’ll ruin your life, maybe you’ll hate me for coming here to your house today. But if there’s a chance that because you’re with the fleet, mankind might survive and the buggers might leave us alone forever---then I’m going to ask you to do it. To come with me” (Card 25). This shows that Colonel Graff has really good intentions, and that even if it might put Ender in a lot of pressure, it’s to save mankind from the buggers. Additionally, in chapter 4, after Ender demonstrates the realization “that in null gravity directions...

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