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Color Symbolism in Tess of the D’urbervilles

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Throughout the Victorian Era, writing provided a passage, a gateway, to manipulate a shifting society. Since the family and domestic life were fundamental parts of that society, reading became a source of pleasure attained by staying at home. These Victorian readers had been powerfully affected by the political, fiscal, societal, and religious modifications that had been taking place. They basically revolted in opposition to the development that was taking place, by holding responsible their troubles on religious uncertainty, Darwin and the climb of science, class disparity, poverty, and industrialization. Additionally, Victorians and their obsolete obsession with ‘purity’ spoke out against sex, the liberation of women, and tough individuality in women, considering that they would direct the end of well-built ethical and moral values in the family and in community all together. As a consequence of all of these debates leading to controversies, people gave in to a remarkable horror of transforming and condemned any idea or work that exposed their sense of steadiness.
Such condemnation gave rise to many novelists and poets who saw this oppression negatively affecting their imaginative and artistic natures and hence decided to stand against it. One of the writers whose work best exemplifies the Age of doubt was Thomas Hardy, he was an English novelist and poet writing at the end of the 19th century, but for today's readers, his novels frequently appear more modern than Victorian in nature, this is because Thomas Hardy's willingness and enthusiasm to confront existing views on sexual principles and marriage, which were thought of as contemporary, made many of his novels very controversial. Hardy was the painter of shady part of life thereof it was of no surprise if people accused him of being a “pessimist”. He was hypersensitive; since his own life was heartbreaking and...

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