Color vs. Black-and-White Films

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Primary Focus
Regarding the Riding Bull, the primary focus of this film is the characters. Robert De Niro plays the role of Jake LaMotta and plays the character so well, it is as though Robert De Niro lived the life of Jake LaMotta. The characters in this movie were primary focus because they reflect the life of Jake LaMotta and his family; they do not play non-fiction characters. It's rare that a movie with the moniker "based on the life of..." comes across as anything more than sporadically energetic and marginally entertaining. Raging Bull is the perfect counterexample, and a brilliant argument for filmmakers to continue to work in this genre (ReelViews, 2010, para 2).
The primary focus on There’s Something about Mary is the plot. The plot in this film is what makes this comedy stand out from other comedy film. The plot in this film builds curiosity to an audience, drawing in much laughter throughout scenes. Without a good plot in this film, it would have been hard to define if this film was funny or not. The sequences of events in this plot are unique and hilarious, drawing much attention to this film.

Overriding Purpose
Exploring personal growth and change is the overriding purpose in the film the Riding Bull. Towards the end of the movie, Jake LaMotta reflects on his life as he is sitting in a jail cell, reflecting on the mistakes that he made with his wife, brother, and career. Initially in the film, Jake accuses his brother for a lot of his faults saying his brother should have given him some more slack, but reflecting on his life, he realizes his rage, jealousy, and crazy behavior to blame for his faults.
Regarding the film There’s Something About Mary, the overriding purpose of this film is exploring interpersonal relationships. In this film, just about every male character in this film explores their relationship with Mary. Even after…...