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Batman Colorado Cinema killing

Based on a true story
The room was over heated as always. James had never liked coming here, always felt uncomfortable. The room would have been cosy with its rugged floor, woollen chairs, oak wood furniture and leather books sitting peacefully in their thousands on the shelves, had it not being for that sense of concealment and that lack of air, which made James so uncomfortable.
The doctor, a small woman in her fifties with rectangular spectacles looked up from behind a lubricous luxurious oak desk as James and Heath entered. "Ah, James how good of you to pay me a visit, please sit down " she said, pointing to the woollen chair on the other side of the desk.
James who sat down as requested looked up slightly at Heath. Heath looked very much the same as James a young man no more than twenty five, in good shape, however, the only difference was that Heath had long shiny blonde hair while James had dull brown hair. Also Heath's face was so pale that James had always suspected him of wearing make-up. Both boys were medical students at the University of Colorado, and after James's "incident" on the roof where he had questionably tried to "kill himself", the University's magistrate had, as James putted it “sentenced” him to a year’s consultation with the university's shrink, Dr Lynne Fenton, who James had to visit every two weeks.
"So James, has everything being going well?” asked the shrink, “yes" he slowly murmured trying to avoid eye contact. "And how's your family, have you seen your parents since the last time you were here?" "Yes" lied James turning round to see what his buddy was up to, but Heath had already left closing the door behind him. "Are you up for a game of chess?" asked the doctor, as she always did whenever James showed up. James didn't like playing with her, always trying to prolong the game to make it last for as long as possible and subsequently James always found himself wining. Today was different James was troubled, the interview seemed to go on and on and this woman asking so many questions, James knew that as soon has the game would end he would be allowed to leave, but today he just couldn't find himself to focus. He and Heath had being planning something big for months and their chef-d'œuvre was soon to be unravelled. To his astonishment the game ended, but for the first time, he had lost. He didn't care to him that meant he could get out of there. After shaking the doctor’s hand he left.
"So how was it?" asked Heath, who had being waiting outside the office "usual" answered James and both boys, started towards the exit. "There will be no Biology today" thought James. "That’s right” answered Heath.
As the boys arrived at their destination James couldn't help but feel sick about his intentions. He looked again at his buddy. Heath was marching silently by his side. Now that it came to it, he couldn't help at feeling a little disgusted by this man, "what would happen if I told him I wasn't up for it any more would he kill me too,?" he thought. As if Heath had understood he halted to a stop, five metres from James room door, and now he was unbuttoning James’s jacket, reaching into the inside pocket with his glowed hands he pulled out a small bottle of vicodine and handed it to James, “your under pressure, this will help” Having taken three more pills of the stuff, James stepped inside his studio flat. Nothing had changed. The guns where still perfectly laid out on the small desk, the grenades perfectly aligned on the shelve like little soldiers, and the plans laid out nicely on the walls. James had promised himself that he would send these documents which for the past several months had being his main occupation to the shrink, he could not remember why now. He figured it was probably the Vicodine acting up, "I must have had a good reason" he told himself.
Whether it was laziness or overwork or something else is unknown, but the shrink didn't open the package until much much latter, if she had maybe the events of this dark knight could have being avoided.
It was already dark when Heath and James got there. The night air was hot, and James’s blood cold. A lavishing storm was underway. The cars had parked outside the cinema and everyone had already gone inside not wanting to miss the action, the critics had called the Dark knight Rises a top action film.
Both James and Heath had come dressed as jokers, James had even dyed his hair ginger, carrying a bullet proof vest, a gas mask two shot guns, a pistol and a bag full of smoke grenades James entered the cinema as calmly as if he had just popped in the supermarket, shooting the guard as he marched. Heath who on the other hand was caring nothing more than the west on his back clapped his hands and danced with joy at the sight of the dead guard. "maybe he really is mad" thought James shooting at another passer-by.
The screen room was immense James entered shouting "I'm the joker, die" a cry hardly differed from all the gun fire happening on screen. By the time James had finished his first magazine the room was in tears. The earth shattering noise of the bullets led to outcry’s from the public. In a matter of second’s happiness turned into sorrow. The silence of the crowed was like the silence of the lambs. A woman screeched in her anguish, her cries resonating shrilly off the walls of the massive hall. Unable to control his eyesight, James’s eyes fixated with Heath’s. He then turned slightly to his left and gave a smile. A smile that of a murderer
A total of twelve people died that night with fifty-one others injured, after all his bullets had being used James calmly made towards the exit and with Heath still dancing and singing around him he let himself be handcuffed.

James Holmes

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