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Colorado Water Supply Issues

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Antonio Vesselinov
Professor Phillip Larson
Intro to Geography 101 (Section 1)
Hydrology and Water Supply Issues It’s used to drink, shower, clean, grow food, wash cars, and cook food, but it’s are running out. Northern states do not have the same water supply issues that the southwestern states have, but that does not mean they do not exist. Water is a precious resource that is vital for an organism to survive and creates an habitable environment compared to other planets. However, though earth possesses water there isn’t enough to fulfill the needs of everyone. A large percentage of water on earth is salt water and cannot be used the same way as fresh water. In the southwest region of America there are 30 million people …show more content…
According to several global-warming studies Frances Weaver predicts, “that rising temperature will reduce the [Colorado] rivers flow by 35 percent by 2050” (Weaver). The Colorado River will further decrease in size in the year 2050 because of the increase of global warming and climate change. This means that as the populations of major cities in the Colorado River valley increase, the water supply will farther decrease. This will make even harder to share the Colorado River's water in the future. Another occurrence that may happen in the future according to an analysis by Caroline Fraser is, “With climbing temperatures... the total area burned has tripled since the 1970s, and the annual number of fires over 10,000 acres is seven times what it was then” (Fraser). This means that as the increasing temperature from global warming and the drought increase so will the fires happening in the southwest. As areas of trees become drier than they have been, there will be a easier chance for them to be set on fire. Also because of the dryer climate the fire will have an easier time in turning in to an wildfire. Doyle Rice stated that, “Droughts are expected to become hotter, more severe, and more frequent” (Rice). What Rice is saying is that in the future droughts are going to be more extreme and hotter. If the temperature gets hotter then there will be an even …show more content…
The problem is that there are millions of people living in an area that it is difficult to live because of the desert climate and lack of water. The Colorado River is drying up because there is a major drought going on in the southwest. Residents and business are using the Colorado River and aquifers unsustainably. The area has lost million of gallons of water that cannot be replaced. The future for the southwest depends on a way to secure a reliable water supply for the future. The dryer climate will produce more wildfire in the southwest. The droughts are expected to become hotter and more severe. The things that can be done to improve the conditions in the southwest are farther documenting water usage. There needs to be a way to be able to budget the water usage. Water recycling plants and desolation plants need to be built to reuse and produce more water. Lastly people need to remove plants that do not belong in desert climates and stop using water on unessential things. People need to become aware that the issue on water shortage is more realistic than led to believe. The problems that surround this limiting resource are practically unknown to the general population of the United States. America needs to help come up with a solution to these problems before its too

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