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WK 9 Expository Essay Final Project
Bridget Sherman
September 9, 2012
Elliot Courtright

Social Networks and Teens Essay As a single parent with a pre-teen, it is often hard to make the right decisions in knowing how to keep them safe. It is the hope that the information provided in this paper, will inform the reader of the pros and cons of what it is to have a teen using a social network. As parents, it is a never-ending duty to ensure the safety of the lives that have been given to them as parents. One must ask themselves is this environment a safe place to be in and who will their teen be interacting with. Frequently children in 4th-6th grade levels engage in social networking activities. In the process they post personal, potentially exploitable, information about themselves online. (Social Networking Statistics, 2012) Social networking sites provide many opportunities for adults, but leave adolescents vulnerable to predators, addiction, and lack of social interaction. The beginning of social networking started with a site call BBS (Bulletin Board System). This was a site that allowed user to use text only exchange. This was a popular thing in the 1980s and late 1990s. (Nickson, 2009) The Internet was still new at this stage and did not catch on until AOL (America Online) ventured around in the mid-1990s. Soon sites such as Yahoo and Amazon came alone catching the eyes of the young generation. In August 2003 the popular network MySpace started a frenzy allowing young people to interact more closely. This was in part because the site made it very easy to post videos. This was the start of the downfall for how teens interacted with society. One question comes to mind if it were also not the very thing that destroyed a generation. One of the ways this could be deemed a generation destroyer, is...

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