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Home School and Public School Differ Greatly Some parents find the choice between home school and public school to be a difficult choice. While both sources educates the child the choice comes down to what fits the child and what the parents prefer. Looking at home school parents are enticed by the fact that he or she controls how his or her child is taught. In most cases, parents are also in control of the curriculum. When compared to public school seems very rigid with no freedom. Parents must make careful considerations when making the choice between home school and public school for his or her child. While all children in America must attend school, home schooling and public schooling differ in their curriculum, peer influences, and schedule flexibility. Some students need the public school environment to thrive while other students need the home school environment to thrive.
One reason public school is so popular is because it is subsidized by the government and therefore, the parents’ burden of the cost to educate their children is cut down. The majority of families in America are at, or below poverty level. More parents enroll their children in public school because they know they can afford the expenses. Public school does have its drawbacks. The curriculum that is taught is decided by the government and each teacher must follow the same teaching method. Public schools must test their students constantly throughout each school year to provide proof to the state government that the approved curriculum in being used. Home schooling allows the student to learn at his or her own pace and in his or her own way. Parents decide what the curriculum will include and how it will be taught. Students who learn easier from hands on experiences are able to go on field trips and learn the information their way. Home...

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