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COM 156 Complete Course Week 1-9 A+Grade Material All Tutorials will be E-mailed immediately after the Payment, Please Check your inbox or Spam Folder and can also be Downloaded by clicking on Tutorial Bucket.
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COM 156 Complete Course Material all Weeks DQS and All Assignments
COM 156 Wk 1 All Discussion Questions
Review the information provided on pp. 51–53. Explain the initial steps of writing an essay. Identify how your audience, purpose, and content will influence your approach
The purpose of an essay, as explained on p. 47, will affect all aspects of the paper. In this class, the final paper will be a persuasive essay. Throughout the class, you will complete assignments that directly or indirectly help you complete the final paper. Identify the main purpose of a persuasive essay and the elements necessary for it to be effective.
Review the video titled Writing Process. Read the Short Form Axia Writing Style Handbook. What are the two most helpful suggestions in each? If you were to propose one additional suggestion to include in each what would it be?
Explain the time management strategies you will use when writing a successful academic paper. What techniques discussed in your US/101 course may help you manage your time when writing a paper?
The ultimate success or failure of a paper may often be traced back to the planning stages. What might you do to provide yourself with the best opportunity to succeed when writing your college papers?
COM 156 Wk 2 All Discussion Questions
Read pp. 290–291 in Ch. 18. Those pages provide an overview of writing that persuades. Ch. 4 provides ideas for choosing a topic. Based on those ideas and knowing that your final...

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