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Final Draft
September 01, 2012

Final Draft

Dose one know why they Xbox 360 is the current top selling console in worldwide but lose to the Ps3 in have the better gaming console dose one truly know why? If one has ever own an Xbox 360 or Ps3 one would have notice that they are both good video game systems. They are different and only one can be the top selling but does that mean it need to be the more superior gaming console. Even though the Ps3 is the better gaming console on the market, the Xbox 360 is the current top selling console in the American market only because it is cheaper

They are many reasons the Ps3 is the better gaming console over the Xbox 360 on the worldwide market right now. The main reason for it been superior over the Xbox 360 is because the date it was release to the worldwide market. It was the lasts gaming console to come out of the current gen gaming console. The Ps3 was release a year after the Xbox 360 which gave it more time to add new upgrade to their system to make sure it was the better gaming console. The ps3 was release on November 17, 2006 in the American market with this it gives them more time with the development of the games console to make change to it. The Ps3 also became one of the top gaming consoles on the worldwide market when it was release with a Blu-ray player built in it so it gave its customer the ability to watch full HD contention on their TVs. Were the Xbox 360 came with a dvd player built in. With the Blu-ray player built in it is system it gave them the edge over the other gaming console currently in the worldwide market because they were the only one they had the up to date disc players in there gaming console. This was also at the time were HDTV was getting poplar to. The Ps3 also had the more new release part in the system with also gave them an edge over the Xbox 360. There are many…...