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Com/172 Week 1 Research Plan

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The topic I have chosen for my final project is media and children 1950’s to 21st century. I have chosen media and children because these people have too much power over young children today. Young girls and boys are expected to fit a certain stereotype and if cannot are cast out of society. Media has the power to manipulate the way children see themselves, dress, talk, and even how they decide to live their lives. The aspect of my topic that I plan to focus on in my writing and research is broadcasting media’s impact, parents concern with broadcasting media, and different type of content in television shows and cartoons then and now. For example, a child from the 1950’s did not watch much television; children were never exposed to adult content such as sex, language, alcohol, drugs and violence. While a child who is growing up now in the 21st have internet, newest technology and gadgets, and is more exposed to sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence. What I have to learn from this research project is that maybe change is not such a bad thing. Things are changing and not all of them are for the worst. Another thing I have to learn is that things were different in the 1950’s because things were perceived a different way than they are now. The purpose of my research and writing project is to better understand the beauty as well as the ugly about each different era. The process I will follow in this research and writing project is to choose my area of focus, seek instructor guidance, conduct research, create a tentative thesis, construct a comprehensive outline, and writing my research paper.

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