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Final Assignment
June 13, 2011
Part I:
1. Wills are important because.
4. Many people may not understand how a credit score is calculated

Part II
Analyzing effective writing elements

After reading paragraphs one and four there is little difficulty to identify that paragraph number four was more effective than paragraph number one. Of the two Paragraphs four presented facts and percentages in his paper such as. “Payment history accounts for roughly 35% of one’s overall score. This means that on-time payments are absolutely essential. Debt level is not far behind at 30%. This accounts for near-limits and the total amount of money owed. Length of credit history is next at 15%, followed by inquiries at 10% and mix of credit at 10%.” Paragraph four’s sentence structure and word choice were in line with the text and punctuation was good. Paragraph one had only the writer’s personal view on why Wills are important. More facts and general example would have kept me more engaged in what I was reading in paragraph one. The sentences used by the write could also have given a better description of what the “things going to someone you don’t want them to go to” are?
Part III
How the Center for Writing Excellence and WritePoint has helped me Before I started college my biggest fear was writing, to write and have people understand what I was trying to convey. The Center for Writing Excellence and WritePoint eliminate my fear of experiencing the feeling of judgment. Also I have many issued to work on, for example: 1. A period or comma goes inside the closing quotation mark. 2. Reminding me how work order can make effective meaning. 3. I was told to eliminate second person (you, your) in academic documents. 4. Avoid addressing the reader directly this also helped with word choice. 5. Avoid using "at" or "to" at the end of sentence;...

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