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In Chapter Three of Making Connections: Understanding Interpersonal Communication, the author lays out many psychological concepts concerning the “self.” How do all these concepts relate to interpersonal communication? Also, give an example of how your “self-concept,” “self-image,” or “self-esteem” has affected your interpersonal communication. When you think about “self” you can also look at “self-concepts,” “self-image” or “self-esteem” interpersonal communication. The main thing I think about when talking about “self”. Someone with a real low self-esteem might have something important to say, but might be so very scare or even shy could not say what they wanted to say. I can say that at one time I had a problem with no self –esteem before I had a car accident five years ago. The thing is after my car accident everything changed now I have self- esteem, but not high self –esteem or self-esteem. In my own opinion “self-concepts”, “Self-image”, or “self-esteem” does relate to interpersonal communication, because with out most of these how can you communicate. There are so many people that might not have any of theses like self- image “or even “self-esteem”. I know that there are still some times that my self-esteem does get low, because I am a double amputee and sometimes it makes me feel sad when someone one stares at me. The thing it does not bother when children come up to me and ask me where my legs are is. I tell them that my legs are waiting up in heaven for me. The only thing is there are some that look at me and laugh at me, but when I ask them why they are laughing at me they said you look funny. What can you say to that when someone say that to you and believe me that do make your self- esteem real low. I this class will help me learn more about interpersonal communication....

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