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Store Managers: Business Letter * The message needs to be formal * The message should be short and to the point. * Emphasize no store closing and 4 day work weeks

Employees: Memo * Employees should be assured, they will not lose their jobs because of this change. * New schedules and hours need to be provided, emphasize shorter workweeks. * Message needs to be written so that employees do not lose their trust in the company, and continue to work hard. * Message also needs to be brief and to the point.
Customers and Public: E-Mail * Message should be formal * They should be assured the quality of products and service will remain high. * New business hours should be explained. * Message should be sent to a local media outlet to help get word out. (i.e. Radio, TV station or newspaper) * Message needs to be short and direct.

February 21, 2011

Jason Hain
Store, Manager, Rickco Connections

Mr. Hain,
I am writing you today to inform you about the changes Rickco Connections will be undergoing in the near future, in all of our stores. As everyone can see the gas prices are rising and this has a direct effect on profits for the company, we are taking these measures to fight the rising gas costs and to save money on store operations with out having to close stores.

Starting on March 7, 2011 store will start following a 6 days work week Rickco connections will no longer be open on Sundays, also store will open one hour later than before and close one hour earlier. All full-time employees and managers will now work a four day workweek, by working 10-hours per day. Part-time employees will work, one, two, or three days per week depending on how many hours they are scheduled that week.

With these changes to cut back hours of operations we do not plan to close any stores at this time.


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