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The Age of Internet Dating Script
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The Age of Internet Dating The title of this script, as believed by the authors is relevant because it captures the reality of internet dating and the enjoyment it brings to adults both young and old. Through the advancements in technology, the ease of communicating with another person through the computer provides the user with a level of comfort. The younger generations have a clearer understanding of technology and the services the internet can provide. The older generation seems to be catching up as they begin exploring new means in making friends. Everyone deserves a chance at finding love; whether by dating the old-fashioned way or finding it through an internet dating site, love is fun and exciting. We ask the audience members to look at a situation between a mother and her daughter, their differences in age, and if the concerns of the daughter are reasonable. The authors ask the audience to think about how they would handle this situation if they were the mother or the daughter. If, after reading this script, you find that you relate to the mother and her interest in dating, then perhaps you can relate to the older generations and their desire to belong If however, you find that you relate more to the daughter, then you probably understand how the internet dating world works, and how the results of online dating can be both positive and negative.
Cast of Characters
Kathryn: A mother and widow had lost her husband to cancer six years ago; although he would always hold a special place in her heart, she decided it was time to take a chance and make a change. She had heard her girlfriends talking about internet dating and the friendships they had made, and she decided this may be the perfect opportunity. Many of Kathryn’s girlfriends had met several men that they found fun...

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