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Diversity Issues in Communication
October 15, 2011
Angel Duran Quintana

The power to identify the various visible and invisible dimensions of an individual indeed a conflict or perhaps is views in our daily lives, perhaps by cultural, structural and learned behavior. It is natural to be scared of what we do not know, if we see someone who dresses like we do not like, clearly generates distrust. Imagine someone badly dressed in a window of the bank would not be consistent, or serious. It is also natural that we like or draw attention to the beauty and harmony, not ugly and, dirty. Not good unnecessarily exposed to the public because there are also situations which appearances are deceiving.
The trend that we have about certain types of people they are and how they behave, from the way of family upbringing or environment that surrounds each individual. Judge any person in its various dimensions seen and unseen. These characteristics should be used whenever it is for a specific job as well as the position or company to company president, general manager, a communicator or, a political position.
Many times these dimensions help us to interpret the information, making it easier to understand the complex world in which we operate. These senses also fail because they generate specific expectations about how they are or how people behave. These dimensions make people behave with each other in a certain way and unfair, even used the wrong expression. These should be positive able to know the person can interfere and, cannot properly communicate with the person. The expressions are universal and depend on the context in which it takes place. These most of reflect the intention that have toward others.
Sometimes these visible and invisible dimensions are not aware, everything depends on the mood are the person, the way we perceive and remember that…...

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