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SEC 10K Project: Statement of Stockholder's Equity

Respond to the following questions:

Category: Capital stock

1. Describe the following details about your corporation's common stock:

a. $7,500,000,000 Authorized number of shares b. $0.01 Par or stated value per share c. Issued number of shares d. $2,436,465,724 Outstanding number of shares e. (7,517,000) Treasury stock

2. Describe the following details about your corporation's preferred stock:

a. $20,000,000 Authorized number of shares b. $0.01 Par or stated value per share c. Issued number of shares d. $2,476,118,273.00 Outstanding number of shares e. Cumulative or non-cumulative f. Participating or non-participating

3. Discuss Treasury Stock transactions over the past three years and explain its affect on total stockholder's equity and retained earnings.
The portion of shares that a company keeps in their own treasury. Treasury stock may have come from a repurchase or buyback from shareholders;
Treasury stock is the portion of shares that a company keeps in their own treasury. Comcast Corp's treasury stock for the quarter that ended in Sep. 2015 was $-7,517 Mil.

Category: Retained Earnings

1. Use the following equation and show how the Retained Earnings account has changed over the past two years.

Retained earnings, beginning balance + Prior period adjustments = Retained earnings, adjusted balance 2014 + Net Income - Retirement of Treasury stock - Dividends = Retained earnings, ending balance

Comcast Corp's retained earnings for the quarter that ended in Sep. 2015 was $20,883 Mil. In 2014 the retained earnings was 21,539 Mil.
A loss in a business’s cash flow decreases the retained earnings for Comcast Corporation.

Category: Analysis


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