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|ITEM | WEIGHT |Charges per Kg. | Cost/Kg |
| |KGS | |$USD |
|Cargo Freight Nairobi - Juba |To Indicate | |4.00 |
|Freight – Juba - Nairobi | | |5.00 |
|Airway Bill (Stand alone Fee) |20.00 |
|Customs Documentation( Stand alone Fee) |50.00 |
|Handling charges as indicated Below | |
|Good over 100Kgs will attract a towing rate. |100.00 |
|Handling Charges |Less than 200Kgs Minimum |200.00 Minimum |
|Handling Charges |500 -1000Kgs |0.25/Kg Minimum |
| |+1001 -5000Kgs |0.20/Kg |
|Total Freight Charges | |

|Truck Size |Destination |Rate in USD |
|10Ft Truck |Mombasa – Juba |4,000.00 |
|20 Ft Truck |Mombasa – Juba |5,100.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Mombasa – Juba |7,000.00 |
|10Ft Truck |Nairobi – Juba |3,100.00 |
|20 Ft. Truck |Nairobi Juba |4,500.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Nairobi – Juba |6,500.00 |
|20Ft Truck |Nairobi - Zambia |6,300.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Nairobi – Zambia |11,000.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Mombasa – Zambia |11,000.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Nairobi – Lubumbashi |13,000.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Mombasa – Lubumbashi |13,000.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Nairobi – Kigali |5,500.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Mombasa – Kigali |6,500.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Nairobi – Goma |7,500.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Mombasa – Goma |8,000.00 |
|20Ft Truck |Nairobi - Bujumbura |5,500.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Nairobi – Bujumbura |8,500.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Mombasa – Bujumbura |9,000.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Nairobi – Kampala |3,300.00 |
|40Ft Truck |Mombasa – Kampala |3,800.00 |
|10Ft Truck |Mombasa – Juba |3,800.00 |
|20 Ft Truck |Mombasa – Juba |5,200.00 |
|10Ft Truck |Nairobi – Juba |3,600.00 |
|20 Ft. Truck |Nairobi Juba |5,000.00 |

Kindly note: ✓ We cannot give any clearing charges as this will depend on the nature of goods brought in. These will attract different tariffs with custom. ✓ However we can give handling rates once goods arrive at the Juba airport. ✓ We also handle cargo from Dubai. ✓ Handling Charges are not inclusive of: ✓ Payment Terms: 50% on loading and 50% on off load. ✓ All duties prepaid. ✓ IATA Exchanges rates of the day will apply. • Customs Documentation etc • Duty and other Govt. tariffs • Volumetric weight will apply where necessary. • Dangerous Goods are charged differently from above.

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