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Coming Back Home

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It all started with tree,no one was allowed to eat from the tree, for it is said if one should eat a fruit from the tree all of mankind will curse.
There was a man who lost his hole family because her was too week to protect his love once, he claimed to have heard that the tree will giant a wish,so he spent his life time looking for the tree gathering information about it and soon find out that the tree was real, he also find out that there was a second part to what he had heard, if one eats from the tree he will be gained a wish but all of mankind will be curse ,but that didn't mean any thing to him , he just wanted his family back and he would stop at nothing even if it meant to drag the world with him, people try to stop him but no one could he was a very skilled fighter. Two years later he found a map to the tree. The tree was located in center of the world, the man travelled through different season and was finally there the fruit from the tree were golden and shiny he pulled the fruit from the tree and eat it, and it turn him to a monster he was never the same till to day no one has ever seen the man people tell stories about him but don't know if he's real. 5 years later a group of teenagers decided to spend the day in the center of the tree.they though it was joke, there was an old man, the man had been in the village for a long time, he told them not to go there, it's dangerous, it's dangerous they old man keep saying , the teenager laughed at him as the kept ,the man said no one has ever made it back from that place

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