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Coming Back Nancy Bee Zhao, in her article in The Sun Magazine, describes how her outlook of her life changed after a two month trip to Mexico. When she came home from her extended stay in Mexico she was surprised about how differently she lived than she had in Mexico. Everything was gigantic and seemingly perfect, but it also lacked the liveliness, dancing, and music. Coming home made her realize how differently she lived. “I saw who I was for the first time: rich, secure, naive, American” Zhao explains.
My family travels every summer and I have seen quite a bit of the world, but I have alway been sheltered by my parents. The summer of 2007 I took a trip to Turkey to visit family. Before my trip I had never really experienced culture shock before. Life in Turkey was so different from anything I had experienced. The food was amazingly tasty, exploding with exotic flavors. The people and my family were incredibly kind and generous, even if they had nothing. The bazaars were astounding. So many people crowded together under giant canopies with stands overflowing with goods, yelling louder than the next vender to catch your attention. Swarms of people walking around rushing to get their shopping done while the old men sit in the shade drinking their small cups of black tea chatting up a storm. At the outside of the bazaar, beggars call out to the tourists hoping for some spare change.

“Coming home was a shock,” Zhao analyzes. Every time I come home from a trip I marvel at how different everything is. From the food on the grocery store to the the way people interact with each other. That summer I realized how divers the world was, but I also concluded that I lived a very cushioned life.

Work Cited
Zhao, Nancy B.. “ Coming Back.” The Sun Magazine September 2006. Web. 4 March. 2015

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